VEGF is one of the key regulators of angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, and developmental hematopoiesis. It is a mitogen and survival factor for vascular endothelial cells while also promoting vascular endothelial cell and monocyte motility[1]. Binding of growth factors to the ectodomain of their transmembrane receptors leads to receptor dimerization, protein kinase activation, trans-autophosphorylation, and initiation of signaling pathways. The VEGF family of receptors (RTK class IV, VEGF receptor family) consists of three protein–tyrosine kinases (VEGFR1, VEGFR2, and VEGFR3) and two non-protein kinase co-receptors (neuropilin-1 and 2)[2]. Targeting VEGF receptors proved to be a successful therapeutic approach for disorders with non-physiologic angiogenesis including age-related macular degeneration of the eye, diabetic retinopathy, rheumatoid arthritis, tumor growth and metastasis1.

[1] Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signaling during tumor progression. A comprehensive review of the discovery of the VEGF family of ligands and receptors. R. Roskoski Jr. Crit. Rev. Oncol. Hematol. 2007, 62, 179–213.
[2] VEGF receptor protein–tyrosine kinases: Structure and regulation. Mini Review. R. Roskoski Jr. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Com. 2008, 375, 287–291.

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Axon ID Name Description From price
1638 ABT 869 PDGFR, c-KIT and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €85.00
1653 AEE 788 EGFR, ErbB2 and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €80.00
1414 AG 013736 PDGFR,c-KIT and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €50.00
3946 Altiratinib Balanced inhibitor for MET, TIE2 (TEK), and VEGFR2 (KDR) kinases Inquire
1768 AMG 706 Multiple receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor €105.00
2849 Apatinib Inhibitor of VEGFR2 €120.00
1850 BMS 540215 Inhibitor of VEGFR (subtype 2 and 3 selective) €110.00
2837 BMS 605541 Potent, selective, orally active, and ATP-competitive VEGFR2 inhibitor €90.00
1864 Brivanib alaninate Prodrug of BMS 540215; Inhibitor of VEGF €90.00
1819 Cabozantinib S-malate Inhibitor of multiple receptor tyrosine kinases, specifically MET and VEGFR2 €60.00
1461 Cediranib VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €70.00
1662 CP 547632 VEGFR2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor €70.00
4073 CYC-116 Aurora kinases A & B and VEGFR2 inhibitor Inquire
1942 E 3810 dihydrochloride Dual VEGFR/FGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €90.00
1959 Golvatinib Potent and orally available inhibitor of c-MET (HGFR) and VEGFR2 €90.00
3165 Lenvatinib Multi-targeted receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor €70.00
1963 LY 573636 Anti-tumor agent; causes growth arrest and apoptosis €80.00
3998 MGCD516 Orally bioavailable receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) inhibitor Inquire
2648 Nintedanib RTK inhibitor with antiangiogenic and antineoplastic activities €70.00
2865 NVP-ACC789 Inhibitor of VEGFR2 €90.00
1547 OSI 930 c-Kit and VEGFR2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor €90.00
1420 Pazopanib hydrochloride PDGFR, c-KIT and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €60.00
2023 PF 03814735 ATP-competitive inhibitor of aurora kinase A and B €120.00
1678 Regorafenib Multi-kinase RTK inhibitor €70.00
5007 Stem Cell 5i inhibitor Set Set of five inhibitors for neural differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells. €200.00
5006 Stem Cell CSD inhibitor Set Set of CHIR99021, SU5402, and DAPT, inhibitors of GSK-3, FGFR, and γ-secretase, resp. €140.00
1667 SU 5402 Fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) inhibitor €60.00
1891 SU 6668 Inhibitor of RTK targeting PDGFR, VEGF and FGFR €100.00
2767 SU11652 Multi-targeted receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor €140.00
1398 Sunitinib malate Multi-targeted receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor €80.00

Items 1 to 30 of 36 total

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