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Axon Medchem is currently in need of applications for the position(s) listed below. If you are interested in a job position, please send your application by e-mail with your updated curriculum vitae (CV) to:
Of course, you can also send us your application and résumé by regular mail to:

For a postion in Groningen, The Netherlands For a postion in Reston, United States
Axon Medchem B.V
Postbus 770
9700AT Groningen
Axon Medchem LLC
12020, Sunrise Valley Dr., suit 100
Reston, VA20191
United States


Junior Organic/Synthetic Chemist
Location: Groningen, The Netherlands
Contract: 40 hrs/week
Level: Master Level (MSc.)
Axon Medchem is looking to recruit an enthusiastic person for the position of junior Organic/Synthetic Chemist at MSc level, who will be assigned with the synthesis, purification and analysis of pharmacologically active products. You will be operating in a synthetic laboratory in a team working environment. 
Part of your time will be assigned to the maintenance of laboratory equipment (LCMS, GCMS, Rotavaps, oil and membrane vacuum pumps etc.)

The perfect candidate is expected to have an open and friendly personality, and to have a pragmatic and analytical approach in project management. Good communicative skills in both Dutch and English will attribute to a positive evaluation of your job application.
Qualifications and skills
  • Able to follow and refine organic synthesis protocols
  • Experience with standard organic purification methods (column chromatography, crystallization etc.)
  • Able to proficiently document and report your work
  • Affinity with mechanical laboratory equipment


Chemical Logistics Assistant

Location: Reston, Virginia, United States
Contract: 40 hrs/week
Level: Laboratory school

You will be part of the sales team which is responsible for processing and shipping incoming orders and managing the stock in the Reston location in coordination with our European laboratories. Your first priority is preparing and packing incoming orders for shipment, the remainder of your time will be spend on administrative tasked related to stock and invoice management.

Axon Medchem LLC processes orders from research institutes and companies located all over the United States and Canada.

Qualifications and skills

  • Basic chemical handling skills.
  • Microsoft Office skills (Excel and Word).
  • A methodical and meticulous work attitude; able to (self-)develop a work protocol that both prevents mistakes and allows (self-)correction of possible errors.
  • Affinity with routine tasks.
  • Service oriented attitude.
  • Flexible; able to adjust to priority changes when the situation dictates.

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