Shipping and handling prices changes
As a result of the increasing oil prices our transport costs have significantly increased. This has unfortunately forced us to review our shipping and handling charges. As a result we will be increasing our shipping and handling charges to the following regions: Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania and South America. Shipping and handling costs for Europe and North America are not (yet) affected.

2019 ASCB | EMBO Annual Meeting (December 7th - 11th, Washington DC), an international forum for cell biology.
Please do not hesitate to visit our booth (booth 335) in the exibit hall of 2019 American Society of Cell Biology and European Molecular Biology Organization annual meeting. For more details visit the EMBO website link.

ESGCT 27th Annual Congress (October 22th - 25th, 2019, Barcelona).
Axon Medchem is both sponsor of and exhibitor at the 2019 European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy annual congress held in Barcelona. Drop by at our booth (booth 63) in the silver sponsor area on the top floor (Floor 2). For more information please visit the ESGCT website.

ISSCR annual meeting 2019 in Los Angeles
The annual ISSCR meeting is currently underway in Los Angeles (26th until the 29th of June). Please do not hesitate to drop by at our booth (booth number 735) in the exhibitor hall of ISSCR 2019 in Los Angels. 

Targeting PI3K/mTOR Signaling (November 30th - December 3rd, 2018, Boston, An AACR conference
We invite you to visit the booth of  Axon Medchem in the exhibitor hall. Details on the conference can be found here.

Histamine 2017 (Amsterdam, May 11-13, 2017) 
Axon Medchem will be attending  Histamine 2017,  which is the 1st joint meeting of the European and Japanese Histamine Research Societies, to be held in Amsterdam during May 11-13, 2017 as a main sponsor. The meeting will be a high-level scientific meeting with world-experts in the field of histamine research. Feel free to contact us and inquire about our high quality products, namely Axon Ligands™, and our dedicated services in contract research. During the month of May Axon Medchem offers a 10% discount on all available Histamine related products. The discount is automatically applied to your shopping card.

 Axon Medchem is corporate sponsor and exhibitor at the European Pharma Summit 
The European Pharma Summit 2016, took place on May 11-13, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Scientists of multiple disciplines from all over the world were welcomed. Delegates from pharmaceutical organizations, biotech companies, and leading academic institutions gathered over the course of three days to listen to presentations on the hottest topics in Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry, 3D Models & Drug Screening, Kinase Inhibitors Design & Screening, and GPCR Targeted Screening. Axon Medchem not only sponsored this conference, we were also present at the exhibition to promote our high quality Axon Ligands™ and our dedicated services in contract research. Thank you for visiting us there!

AACR annual meeting 2016 - April 16-20
Axon Medchem will welcome you at our booth at the exhibition of the 2016 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in New Orleans, a great platform to cancer research specialists to exchange innovative ideas and information related to cancer research and their management. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our wide range of products available to facilitate cancer research, meet and talk to our product specialists, and collect some gadgets to remember us by. You will find us here (booth 557; hall A).

Axon Medchem present at the 2015 NIH Research Festival Exhibit
Axon Medchem will be present at the 2015 Research Festival Exhibit 
on Resources for Intramural Research, organized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda (MD, USA). We welcome you in our booth (no 958, Building 10, South Lobby) to inform you about the services and quality of products that Axon Medchem can offer you for your research project.

Price reduction of numerous products (Jun 2015)
We have lowered our prices of 70 products in June 2015! Significant price deductions were made possible primarily as a result of resumed stocks and in order to keep up with our competitors. To serve our customers, we have created a designated page at our website where all products submitted to price deductions can be found. 

Over 45 Citations in two months! (Feb 2015)
Axon Medchem is trusted supplier of valuable and high quality research tools. In January and February 2015 alone, Axon Medchem’s Axon Ligands™ have been cited by researchers world-wide in more than 45 research publications, according to Google Scholar. Not only do we wish to congratulate all these scientist with their achievements, we also would like to thank all of you for your trust in Axon Medchem as your partner in research.

New Website Axon Medchem (Sept 2014)
Axon Medchem is going to launch a new website to replace the current one very soon. Our products will be presented in a new environment and able to be procured online at our eCommerce webshop. If you may encounter any inconvenience during this transition period, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Axon Medchem USA in Operation (Jan 2014)
Axon Medchem LLC is formed in Fairfax county Virginia as US sales office of Axon Medchem BV (NL). This operation will facilitate US customers to order Axon Ligands (TM) and other products/services of Axon Medchem.

IMM2013 (Jun 2013)
Axon Medchem BV co-sponsored 7th Workshop on Innovative Mouse Models (IMM2013), held on 13-14 June, 2013 at Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands.

Dutch Farmacochemiedag (Mar 22, 2013)
Axon Medchem BV sponsored 2013 KNCV Farmacochemiedag with topic of "Medicinal chemistry and (epi)genetics - Reprogramming (epi)genetics; a novel future for drug discovery" held in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Dr Durk Dijkstra and Dr Massimo Ghizzoni from Axon Medchem participated the meeting and Dr Ghizzoni was invited to give a talk on "Commercialization of small molecules as tools for epigenetic research". A significant collection of Axon Ligands for Epigenetics has been presented.

Be Right About Your Drug (Aug 2012. *updated in AUG 2014)
Axon Ligands (TM) for pharmacological research become now the world-wide recognized drug standards from Axon Medchem, as a prime source with high value and high quality. Following lists of publications using some popular axon ligands demonstrated striking outcome from the first class academic research, for example,

List of 66 Publications using Axon 1129 - BI 2536;

List of 115 Publications using Axon 1386 - CHIR 99021;

List of 72 Publications using Axon 1408 - PD 0325901;

List of 27 Publications using Axon 1399 - AZD 7762;

List of 37 Publications using Axon 1358 - BIRB 796;

and more for AZD2281 (Axon 1464)PD184352 (Axon 1368)CP690550 (Axon 1338)BEZ235 (Axon 1281) etc.  

Biomarker reagents in Axon Ligands (TM) collection (Jun 2012)
In collaboration with VU University Amsterdam, Axon Medchem launched several excellent derivatisation reagents for well-known small-molecule biomarkers of oxidative stress, such as challenging aldehydes and carboxylic acids, such as 4-APC (Axon 1876), and 4-APEBA (Axon 1877)See more...

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