The Aurora kinase family (EC is a collection of highly related serine/threonine kinases that functions as a key regulator of mitosis, essential for accurate and equal segregation of genomic material from parent to daughter cells. As a result, they play a central role in cell cycle regulation[1]. Three related kinases known as Aurora-A, Aurora-B, and Aurora-C have been characterized over the years. Despite significant sequence homology, the localization and functions of these kinases are largely distinct from one another. Given the association of Aurora over-expression and tumorigenesis, these kinases have been targeted for cancer therapy, and a new class of drugs known as Aurora kinase inhibitors has been developed[2],[3].

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Axon ID Name Description From price
3408 AKI603 Inhibitor of Aurora A kinase €145.00
1783 AMG 900 Aurora inhibitor (non-specific) €110.00
2219 AT 9283 Multitargeted kinase inhibitor (Aurora A/B, JAK2/3, and BCR-Abl) €85.00
1597 Aurora A inhibitor I Aurora A inhibitor €125.00
1630 Aurora A inhibitor II Aurora A inhibitor €125.00
1580 AZD1152-HQPA Aurora B inhibitor €70.00
1836 CCT 137690 Aurora inhibitor (non-specific) €115.00
4073 CYC-116 Aurora kinases A & B and VEGFR2 inhibitor Inquire
3920 GSK1070916 Potent, selective and ATP competitive inhibitor of Aurora B and C kinases €110.00
2096 Hesperadin Reversible and ATP-competitive inhibitor of Aurora B €95.00
3758 LY-3295668 Orally available, potent and highly selective Aurora A kinase (AurA) inhibitor Inquire
1961 MK 5108 Inhibitor of Aurora A kinase €110.00
2003 MLN8237 Second generation selective Aurora A inhibitor €90.00
2023 PF 03814735 ATP-competitive inhibitor of aurora kinase A and B €120.00
2906 SNS 314 mesylate Potent and selective Aurora inhibitor (non-specific) €90.00
1540 VX 680 Aurora inhibitor (non-specific) €60.00
1541 ZM 447439 Aurora B inhibitor €85.00

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