Ligases (EC 6.-.-.-) form a major class of enzymes that catalyze the ligation (i.e. linking together) of two molecules with concomitant hydrolysis of the pyrophosphate bond in adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) or a similar triphosphate, forming C–C , C–O , C–S , P–O or C–N bonds[1]. Originally, biochemical nomenclature distinguished synthetases and synthases. Under the original definition, synthases do not use energy from nucleoside triphosphates (such as ATP, GTP, CTP, TTP, and UTP), whereas synthetases do use nucleoside triphosphates. It is also said that a synthase is a lyase (a lyase is an enzyme that catalyzes the breaking of various chemical bonds by means other than hydrolysis and oxidation, often forming a new double bond or a new ring structure) and does not require any energy, whereas a synthetase is a ligase (a ligase is an enzyme that binds two chemicals or compounds) and thus requires energy. However, the Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN) dictates that "synthase" can be used with any enzyme that catalyses synthesis (whether or not it uses nucleoside triphosphates), whereas "synthetase" is to be used synonymously.

[1] A. D. McNaught, A. Wilkinson. IUPAC. Compendium of Chemical Terminology, 2nd ed. (the "Gold Book"). Blackwell Scientific Publications,Oxford (1997).

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Axon ID Name Description From price
2639 AMG 232 Potent, selective, and orally bioavailable MDM2-p53 inhibitor €120.00
3194 Apcin Inhibitor of APC/C-Cdc20 €110.00
3898 BC-1215 Selective and reversible Fbxo3 inhibitor €99.00
3108 BC-LI-0186 Specific inhibitor of the LRS-RagD interaction €90.00
3211 BC1618 Potent, orally bioavailable, and metabolically stable Fbxo48 inhibitor €120.00
3846 C25-140 First-in-class TRAF6–Ubc13 inhibitor €160.00
3763 CFT-7455 Orally active monofunctional degrader for IKZF1/3 Inquire
2935 COH000 First-in-class, highly specific, covalent allosteric inhibitor of SUMO E1 €175.00
3292 dCeMM1 Glue degrader of RBM39 €110.00
3293 dCeMM2 Glue degrader of Cyclin K €100.00
3709 DKM 2-93 Selective inhibitor of UBA5 €70.00
3765 DS-3032 Orally available, potent and selective inhibitor of the p53-MDM2 interaction Inquire
3613 EN219 Covalent RNF114 ligand €120.00
1643 HLI 373 HDM2 inhibitor €100.00
3064 HOIPIN 11a Selective, cell-permeable and covalent inhibitor of RBR E3 ubiquitin ligase HOIP €180.00
2972 HOIPIN-8 Potent linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC) inhibitor €130.00
1538 JNJ 26854165 HDM2 inhibitor €105.00
1586 JNJ 26854165 dihydrochloride HDM2 inhibitor €105.00
2939 JTP 0819958 Selective linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC) inhibitor €125.00
2947 JTP 1048196 Prodrug of JTP 0819958; LUBAC inhibitor €125.00
2549 L67 Cytotoxic inhibitor of DNA ligase I and III €90.00
3109 ML-792 Potent and selective inhibitor of SUMO-activating enzyme (SAE) €145.00
2038 MLN4924 Inhibitor of NEDD8 Activating Enzyme (NAE) €60.00
3829 MLN7243 Cell permeable small molecule inhibitor targeting ubiquitin-activating enzymes (UAE, also known as E1 enzymes) Inquire
3466 MT-802 Potent and rapid degrader of BTK; PROTAC €280.00
3816 N-Carbamyl-L-glutamic acid CPS1 activator €80.00
2565 N106 Activator of E1 ligase mediated SERCA2a SUMOylation €95.00
1585 Nutlin-3 MDM2 inhibitor (p53 specific) €95.00
1880 Nutlin-3a Inhibitor of MDM2 €95.00
1881 Nutlin-3b Less potent (+)-enantiomer of Nutlin-3 €90.00

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