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Axon 2607

CAS [371942-69-7]

MF C25H21N7O3
MW 467.48

  • Purity: 98%
  • Soluble in 0.1N HCl(aq) and DMSO



Selective inhibitor of PIKfyve (type III PtdInsP kinase; IC50 value 33 nM) that blocks PtdIns(3,5)P2 production and disrupts endomembrane transport and retroviral budding and nearly 100-fold selective over p110α. However, YM201636 arrests basal and insulin-induced glucose influx in cultured adipocytes at low nano-molar concentrations (doses are significantly lower than the effective antiretroviral dose), likely by affecting a PIKfyve-unrelated target. Moreover, YM-201636 dysregulates autophagy and promotes neuronal cell death in primary hippocampal neurons in culture.

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The purity of Axon Ligands™ is confirmed by HPLC-MS, 1H-NMR and/or microanalysis. Analytical data are available upon request.

Caution: Axon Ligands™ are not fully tested. They are for research purposes only! Not for human consumption!

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