SB 590885

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Axon 2504

CAS [405554-55-4]

MF C27H27N5O2
MW 453.54

  • Purity: 99%
  • Soluble in 0.1N HCl(aq) and DMSO

SB 590885


Potent and selective inhibitor of B-Raf kinase (Kd value 0.3 nM for BRAF), devoid of significant activity against a wide panel of enzymes, including p38α, GSK3β, and Lck. SB590885 maintains OCT4-ΔPE-GFP reporter activity and pluripotency gene expression in human ESCs after removal of exogenous KLF2 and NANOG expression, preserving the best colony morphology and proliferation. 

SB 590885 is frequently used in a combination of five compounds, including inhibitors of MEK, GSK-3β, BRAF, ROCK, and SRC, which support the expansion of viable OCT4-ΔPE-GFP+ human pluripotent cells after exogenous transcription factor expression has been removed:

Axon 2504 SB 590885 BRAF inhibitor
Axon 2511 IM 12 GSK-3β inhibitor
Axon 1408 PD 0325901 MEK inhibitor
Axon 1683 Y 27632 ROCK inhibitor
Axon 2381 WH4-023  Lck/Src inhibitor

(alternatively, CHIR99021 (Axon 1386) could be used as GSK-3β inhibitor)

Naive Stem Cell 5i inhibitor Set is commercially available (Axon 5011)

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