Mono-amine oxidases (MAO; EC 1.4.3.x) play an important role in neurotransmitter metabolism. Inhibitors of this class of enzymes have played a major role in our understanding of the functional roles of dopamine (DA), norepinephrine (NE), and serotonin (5-HT) neurotransmission in the CNS. However, due to their potentially lethal dietary and drug interactions (“cheese effect”), monoamine oxidase inhibitors have historically been reserved as a last-in-line treatment of psychiatric disorders, only to be used when other classes of antidepressant drugs have failed[1].


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1066 N-Cyclopropyl-N-methyl-2-aminotetraline hydrobromide MAO inhibitor €95.00
3629 Moclobemide Reversible and selective MAO-A inhibitor; Antidepressant €70.00
1022 N 0425 hydrochloride MAO inhibitor €95.00
1062 N 0425 hydrochloride, (+)- MAO inhibitor €135.00
1063 N 0425 hydrochloride, (-)- MAO inhibitor €135.00
1018 N 0430 hydrobromide MAO inhibitor; Dopamine agonist €115.00
1020 N 0432 hydrobromide MAO inhibitor; Dopamine agonist Inquire
1067 N-Cyclopropyl-2-Aminotetraline hydrochloride MAO inhibitor Inquire
3332 R-(-)-Deprenyl hydrochloride Highly selective MAO-B inhibitor €50.00
2629 TB5 Competitive and reversible MAO-B inhibitor capable of crossing the BBB €105.00
2977 Toloxatone Reversible MAO-A inhibitor; Antidepressant €80.00

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