Vasopressin (V)

Vasopressin, also known as antidiuretic hormone, is a nonapeptide, and found to be essential for cardiovascular homeostasis. The antidiuretic effect of vasopressin has been exploited clinically for over half a century to treat diabetes insipidus. Three receptor subtypes are known to date (V1A-B, and V2 (original designation) or V1-3 (where V1A=V1 and V1B=V3)). Although all three of these proteins are G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs, subfamily A6), activation of V1A (V1) and V1B (V3) stimulate phospholipase C, while activation of V2 stimulates adenylate cyclase[1].

[1] C.L. Holmes, D.W. Landry J.T. Granton. Science Review: Vasopressin and the cardiovascular system part 1 – receptor physiology. Critical Care 2003, 7, 427-434.

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2146 Fedovapagon Selective vasopressin V2 receptor agonist €140.00
1256 SR 49059 Vasopressin (V1A) antagonist €130.00
1114 SSR 149415 Vasopressin (V1B) antagonist €130.00
1591 Tolvaptan Vasopressin (V2) antagonist €110.00
1867 Vasopressin antagonist 1867 Orally available and selective V1b receptor antagonist €150.00

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