Axon Ligands™ Epigenetic compound library

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Axon 5052

CAS [N.A.]


  • Purity: 98%
  • 10 mM in DMSO

Axon Ligands™ Epigenetic compound library


Axon Ligands™ Epigenetic compound library. A unique collection of 125 compounds in 96-well microtitter plate (each sample pre-dissolved in DMSO, 250 μL, 10 mM). Our contineously expanding list of compounds for epigenetic research can be found online. They are among most featured and high-profile compounds for epigenetic research.

Cherry-picking! Compounds could be selected from our entire range of epigenetic products to form a custom library as solid/powder samples (packed in a 1.5 or 4 mL glass vials) or as their corresponding stock solutions (in DMSO, 10 mM) in a 96 well microtitter plate. Simply download our comprehensive list of epigenetics products below (Microsoft Excel (.xls)), check the products to be included, and return your list to order the library of your preference. Items are available (packing may need 1-2 weeks). More information can be found here.

Axon Ligands™ for Epigenetic research   Axon Ligands™ - Epigenetics Library.xls

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The purity of Axon Ligands™ is confirmed by HPLC-MS, 1H-NMR and/or microanalysis. Analytical data are available upon request.

Caution: Axon Ligands™ are not fully tested. They are for research purposes only! Not for human consumption!

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