Tacalcitol - PRI 2191 | 1α,24-Dihydroxycholecalciferol

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Axon 2516

CAS [57333-96-7]

MF C27H44O3
MW 416.64

  • Purity: 98%
  • Soluble in DMSO



Vitamine D receptor agonist (EC50 value 7 nM for VDR) and metabolite of vitamin D3 with a higher antitumor and lower calcemic activity as well as lower toxicity than Calcitriol. Tacalcitol inhibits proliferation and induces differentiation of keratinocytes. Tacalcitol (PRI 2191) promotes normal bone formation, and is a well-known inhibitor of chemical mediated inflammatory changes including dermal cellular infiltration and epidermal hyperplasia, used to treat T cell-mediated inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, prurigo and vitiligo. PRI2191 enhances the antiproliferative effect of Imatinib (Axon 1394) on HL-60 cells.

Note: Axon 2516 is the stable monohydrate formulation of Tacalcitol

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