List of publications using SB 431542 (Axon 1661) purchased from Axon Medchem

(Total 12 citations listed from 2013-2016; updated on 6/6/16)
2016 (3 new in 2016)
Harschnitz, O., van den Berg, L. H., Johansen, L. E., Jansen, M. D., Kling, S., Vieira de Sá, R., ... & Pasterkamp, R. J. (2016). Autoantibody pathogenicity in a multifocal motor neuropathy induced pluripotent stem cell–derived model. Annals of neurology.
*Y27632 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Linnartz‐Gerlach, B., Schuy, C., Shahraz, A., Tenner, A. J., & Neumann, H. (2016). Sialylation of neurites inhibits complement‐mediated macrophage removal in a human macrophage‐neuron Co‐Culture System. Glia, 64(1), 35-47.
*CHIR99021 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Sudheer, S., Liu, J., Marks, M., Koch, F., Anurin, A., Scholze, M., ... & Herrmann, B. G. (2016). Different Concentrations of FGF Ligands, FGF2 or FGF8 Determine Distinct States of WNT‐Induced Presomitic Mesoderm. STEM CELLS.
*CHIR99021, PD0325901 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
2012-2015 (9 citations)
Kirkeby, A., Nelander, J., & Parmar, M. (2015). Generating regionalized neuronal cells from pluripotency, a step-by-step protocol. Developing stem cell-based therapies for neural repair.
Shahraz, A., Kopatz, J., Mathy, R., Kappler, J., Winter, D., Kapoor, S., ... & Neumann, H. (2015). Anti-inflammatory activity of low molecular weight polysialic acid on human macrophages. Scientific reports, 5.
*CHIR99021, DBZ and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Fukusumi, Y., Meier, F., Götz, S., Matheus, F., Irmler, M., Beckervordersandforth, R., ... & Arenas, E. (2015). Dickkopf 3 Promotes the Differentiation of a Rostrolateral Midbrain Dopaminergic Neuronal Subset In Vivo and from Pluripotent Stem Cells In Vitro in the Mouse. The Journal of Neuroscience, 35(39), 13385-13401.
*LSB: LDN193189 and SB543542 from Axon Medchem 
Fridriksdottir, A. J., Kim, J., Villadsen, R., Klitgaard, M. C., Hopkinson, B. M., Petersen, O. W., & Rønnov-Jessen, L. (2015). Propagation of oestrogen receptor-positive and oestrogen-responsive normal human breast cells in culture. Nature communications, 6.
*Y27632 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Rahman, S. H., Kuehle, J., Reimann, C., Mlambo, T., Alzubi, J., Maeder, M. L., ... & Mussolino, C. (2015). Rescue of DNA-PK Signaling and T-Cell Differentiation by Targeted Genome Editing in a prkdc Deficient iPSC Disease Model. PLoS Genet, 11(5), e1005239.
*SB431542, CHIR99021 and PD0325901 from Axon Medchem
Hartley, B. J., Watmuff, B., Hunt, C. P., Haynes, J. M., & Pouton, C. W. (2014). In vitro Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells towards either Forebrain GABAergic or Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons. Neural Stem Cell Assays, 91-99.
*LSB: LDNB193189 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Tieng, V., Stoppini, L., Villy, S., Fathi, M., Dubois-Dauphin, M., & Krause, K. H. (2014). Engineering of midbrain organoids containing long-lived dopaminergic neurons. Stem cells and development, 23(13), 1535-1547.
*LSC: LDN193189, SB431542 and CHIR99021 from Axon Medchem
Shen, Z., Kauttu, T., Cao, J., Seppänen, H., Vainionpää, S., Ye, Y., ... & Puolakkainen, P. (2013). Macrophage coculture enhanced invasion of gastric cancer cells via TGF-β and BMP pathways. Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology, 48(4), 466-472.
*LSB: LDN193189 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Shen, Z., Seppänen, H., Kauttu, T., Vainionpää, S., Ye, Y., Wang, S., ... & Puolakkainen, P. (2013). Vasohibin-1 expression is regulated by transforming growth factor-β/bone morphogenic protein signaling pathway between tumor-associated macrophages and pancreatic cancer cells. Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research, 33(8), 428-433.
*LSB: LDN193189 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
Serup, P., Gustavsen, C., Klein, T., Potter, L. A., Lin, R., Mullapudi, N., ... & Engberg, N. (2012). Partial promoter substitutions generating transcriptional sentinels of diverse signaling pathways in embryonic stem cells and mice. Disease Models and Mechanisms, 5(6), 956-966.
*CHIR99021, PD0325901 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
(This is an incomplete list of publication citations of SB 431542 used from Axon Medchem.)

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