List of publications using TG 101348 (Axon 1588) purchased from Axon Medchem

(Total 8 publication citations listed; updted on May 2016)
Grygielewicz, Paulina, et al. "Epithelial–mesenchymal transition confers resistance to selective FGFR inhibitors in SNU-16 gastric cancer cells." Gastric Cancer 19.1 (2016): 53-62.
Yan, Jing, et al. "Decrease of Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry and Increase of Na+/Ca2+ Exchange by Pharmacological JAK2 Inhibition." Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 38.2 (2016): 683-695.
Carson, Robbie, et al. "HDAC inhibition overcomes acute resistance to MEK inhibition in BRAF-mutant colorectal cancer by downregulation of c-FLIPL." Clinical Cancer Research 21.14 (2015): 3230-3240.
Gunerka, P., Dymek, B., Stanczak, A., Bujak, A., Grygielewicz, P., Turowski, P., ... & Wieczorek, M. (2015). Differences in gene expression and alterations in cell cycle of acute myeloid leukemia cell lines after treatment with JAK inhibitors. European journal of pharmacology, 765, 188-197.
Ciceri, Pietro, et al. "Dual kinase-bromodomain inhibitors for rationally designed polypharmacology." Nature chemical biology 10.4 (2014): 305-312.
*BI-2536 and TG-101348 from Axon Medchem
Heine, Annkristin, et al. "The JAK-inhibitor ruxolitinib impairs dendritic cell function in vitro and in vivo." Blood 122.7 (2013): 1192-1202.
Gäbler, Karoline, et al. "Cooperative effects of Janus and Aurora kinase inhibition by CEP701 in cells expressing Jak2V617F." Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 17.2 (2013): 265-276.
Caffarel, Maria M., et al. "Constitutive activation of JAK2 in mammary epithelium elevates Stat5 signalling, promotes alveologenesis and resistance to cell death, and contributes to tumourigenesis." Cell Death & Differentiation 19.3 (2012): 511-522.
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