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Axon Medchem USA is in operation from January 2014.

Welcome to Axon Medchem

Axon Medchem is a contract research organization (CRO) in medicinal chemistry. Axon Medchem is specializing in contract research and high-quality synthesis of bio-active and/or drug-like molecules. The company aims to provide dedicated chemistry services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, (bio-)chemical and/or agricultural companies as well as research institutes around the world.

[ In the spotlight ]  Axon Medchem is also a prime source of high-value life science products, providing Axon Ligands (TM) for pharmaceutical research as world-wide recognized drug standards.  

Welcome to explore and utilize our services. Welcome to test and prove Axon Ligands (TM) with your expected bio-activities.


Hot Alert! DDR1-IN-1 (S)-Crizotinib ISRIB ATB346 TIC10(Angular) AK7


Deltarasin SB525334 Atglistatin AGI6780 LEE011 TH287 VX661 

SB674042 XL413 BAY57-1293 FIPI Protein labeling AdipoRon more


GSK1838705 LDN212320 iMDK XL019 STF118804 CHR6494 Tenovin-6 SCH529074 NT157 CX3CR1 RVX208 TEPP46 AVE0118 AR244555 ONO5334 


Org-OD-02-0 (Z)-Endoxifen ZK216348 LDK378 PRMT3i SSR128129E 

Daglutril K145 GSK2606414 NSC405020 IWP-L6 AT13148 TMP195


UPF648 UNC569 PX20350 ML324 OG-L002 PD90780 RU-SKI43 MI-2 HIF2 

MLN4924 CGI1746 JQ1 AS1517499 R428 FMK P505-15 HFS1A SB747651A  


Nutlin3a N6022 GB83 MG149 SCH530348 Rupintrivir BXL628 PHA408 KU0060648 Secretase LDN193189 MK1775 CHIR99021 LY333531 more

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