Contract Research

Axon Medchem is well known as a prime source of high-value life science products, providing Axon Ligands™ for advanced pharmaceutical research as world-wide recognized drug standards. However, Axon Medchem started as a contract research organization (CRO) in medicinal chemistry. As such, we aimed, and succeeded, to become experts in contract research and high-quality synthesis of bio-active and/or drug-like molecules, providing dedicated chemistry services for companies and research institutes active in the field of life sciences around the world. 

The 'wider horizon'  we created  at Axon Medchem by combining these two bussiness plans has been highly benificial to our knowledge and experience in the field of medicinal chemistry, and will make a valuble contribution to future contract research projects.

Please contact us for terms and conditions, and challenge our skills with your request!

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