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With each order the buyer accepts our general terms of sale. Any deviations from our general terms of sale, in particular terms and conditions of the buyer, shall only apply if they have been confirmed by us in writing.

In these Terms & Conditions "Axon Medchem" shall mean Axon Medchem BV, Postbus 770, 9700 AT Groningen, the Netherlands, unless you are resident in North America, Canada or Mexico in which case "Axon Medchem" shall mean Axon Medchem LLC, 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100, Reston, VA 20191, Virginia, USA  and the terms set out below under the heading US Terms shall apply where inconsistent with the rest of the terms and conditions below. The Terms & Conditions set out below shall apply to Axon Medchem branded products and services and to products distributed by Axon Medchem on behalf of other suppliers.
Axon Medchem shall be entitled to amend at any time in its absolute discretion the terms and conditions by posting them on this website in amended form with a note of the date when such amendments shall take effect. Your continued use of the website after the date any amendments shall take effect shall be construed as your acceptance to such amendments.


Axon Ligands™  are manufactured by Axon Medchem under non-GMP conditions for laboratory research use only, and should be handled by trained personnel only. Substances are not fully tested. All products are delivered with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Information given therein is believed to be accurate and represents the best information currently available to us, but does not purport to be complete. The absence of warning must not, under any circumstance, be taken to mean that no hazard exists. The buyer warrants that its use of Axon Ligands™ will be in accordance with the above provisions of this clause.

Axon Ligands™ may not be used as Drugs, Cosmetics, Agricultural or Pesticidal Products, Food Additives, or Household Chemicals.
All materials are packed in glass vials with caps with a Teflon liner and shipped in a sturdy container with adequate protection and padding material.


Prices, as shown on the website of Axon Medchem are in euros (€) or US dollars (US$), and are subject to change. US dollar (US$) prices are applicable to any customer ordering products from Axon Medchem with a valid billing address in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico or Puerto Rico only. Euro (€) prices are applicable to customers with a valid billing addresse in all countries other than the United States of America, Canada, Mexico or Puerto Rico.
Please contact us for quotes bulk orders or non-standard sample sizes. We guarantee our written quotations for one month, unless stated otherwise. When placing your order, please reference our quoted prices.
Listed prices are shown exclusive of Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) and a shipping and handling charge.

Warranties and Disclaimers

Axon Medchem warrants that its products conform to the specifications in the accompanying documentation. Should a product fail to conform to its specifications, Axon Medchem may choose to either replace the item, free of charge or refund the purchase price. To the extent permitted by Dutch law, this warranty is exclusive and Axon Medchem makes no warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Axon Medchem shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or contingent damages.

Return and Replacement

At Axon Medchem we aim to provide our customers with the best quality of products and are fully dedicated to guarentee 100% satisfaction. In the rare occasion that a product fails to conform to its specifications, customers may request to return the product, free of charge or ask for a refund. As a registered customer of Axon Medchem, any request for replacement of products or refund of purchased goods must be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt. Non-catalogue products, or products produced under Customer Synthesis Agreement are ineligible for cancellation or return.

Authorization for all replacements must be obtained from Axon Mechem prior to returning the product that fails to conform to its specifications. Axon Medchem will not accept goods and nor will credit be issued in case of unauthorized return of products. 
If you wish to return a product ordered directly from either Axon Medchem BV or Axon Medchem LLC, contact the corresponding branch office, which handled your order. Please make sure to include the purchase order number, invoice number and/or tracking number of your order with your request for return or refund. Items eligible for return are still in their original state, e.g. packed their original, sealed vial and stored at the storage conditions as indicated on the label. Unsealed and/or opened vials are not accepted for return. If you wish to return a product ordered via one of our international distributors, please contact the intermediate party for terms and conditions of return and replacement.

If an error by Axon Medchem results in shipment of an incorrect order, Axon Medchem will either ship a replacement order at no charge or credit your account for the purchase price of the original product shipped in error plus shipping charges. If an error by the customer results in the shipment of an incorrect order and is reported to Axon Medchem within fourteen (14) days of receipt, you may obtain an authorization for return and receive partial refund/credit for the erroneously ordered product(s) with deduction of original shipping and handling costs. The return by courrier of the erroneously ordered product(s) is entirely at the customers costs. Upon receipt of authorized returned products, a credit/refund will be issued in agreement with the customer and Axon Medchem. To obtain partial credit/refund, products must be returned within fourteen (14) days of receiving the authorization to return a shipment.


The contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images information and other material ('content'), are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and all intellectual property rights in them belong to or are licensed to Axon Medchem. Axon Medchem authorises customers to use the content on this website solely for the purpose of purchasing product from us or otherwise promoting our products but you are not permitted to use the content in competition with us or our products.

In order to provide our customers with as much supporting information as possible, there may be pages on our website that link to third party internet sites, for instance, to a scientific conference website. Axon Medchem is not responsible for the content of such external internet sites.
Axon Ligands™ and Axon Medchem are registered trademarks. The use of any of our trademarks or service marks without our express written consent is strictly prohibited. You may not use our trademarks or service marks in connection with any product or service in any way that is likely to cause confusion. You may not use our trademarks or service marks in any manner that disparages or discredits us. You may not use any of our trademarks or service marks in meta tags without prior explicit consent. 
Contracts and agreements with Axon Medchem shall in all respects be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Dutch law. 

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