List of publications using AS 1517499 (Axon 1992) purchased from Axon Medchem

(total 65 citations listed from 2014; updated MAY-2019) 

Liu, J., Li, Y., Lu, Z., Gu, J., Liang, Y., Huang, E., ... & Yu, H. (2019). Deceleration of glycometabolism impedes IgG‐producing B‐cell‐mediated tumor elimination by targeting SATB 1. Immunology, 156(1), 56-68.

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Harris, A. J., Mirchandani, A. S., Lynch, R. W., Murphy, F., Delaney, L., Small, D., ... & Dickinson, R. S. (2019). IL4Rα Signaling Abrogates Hypoxic Neutrophil Survival and Limits Acute Lung Injury Responses In Vivo. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, (ja).
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Sharba, S., Navabi, N., Padra, M., Persson, J. A., Quintana-Hayashi, M. P., Gustafsson, J. K., ... & Quiding-Järbrink, M. (2019). Interleukin 4 induces rapid mucin transport, increases mucus thickness and quality and decreases colitis and Citrobacter rodentium in contact with epithelial cells. Virulence, 10(1), 97-117.
Miller, M. M., Barik, S., Cattin-Roy, A. N., Ukah, T. K., Hoeman, C. M., & Zaghouani, H. (2019). A New IRF-1–Driven Apoptotic Pathway Triggered by IL-4/IL-13 Kills Neonatal Th1 Cells and Weakens Protection against Viral Infection. The Journal of Immunology, ji1800943.
Раецкая, А. А., Калиш, С. В., Лямина, С. В., Малышева, Е. В., Буданова, О. П., Бахтина, Л. Ю., & Малышев, И. Ю. (2018). Репрограммированые in vitro на м3 фенотип макрофаги останавливают рост солидной карциномы in vivo. Патологическая физиология и экспериментальная терапия, 62(1), 41-46.
* S3I204 and AS1517499 from Axon Medchem

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* S3I 204 and AS1517499 were purchased from Axon Medchem
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(*Ruxolitinib, lenalidomide, AS1517499 from Axon Medchem)
Kalish, S., Lyamina, S., Manukhina, E., Malyshev, Y., Raetskaya, A., & Malyshev, I. (2017). M3 Macrophages Stop Division of Tumor Cells In Vitro and Extend Survival of Mice with Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma. Medical science monitor basic research, 23, 8-19.
(*Stat3 inhibitor S3I204 and Stat6 inhibitor AS1517499 from Axon Medchem)
Nappo, G., Handle, F., Santer, F. R., McNeill, R. V., Seed, R. I., Collins, A. T., ... & Erb, H. H. H. (2017). The immunosuppressive cytokine interleukin-4 increases the clonogenic potential of prostate stem-like cells by activation of STAT6 signalling. Oncogenesis, 6(5), e342.

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*AS1517499 and 10058-F4 from Axon Medchem 

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