List of publications using Y 27632 dihydrochloride (Axon 1683) purchased from Axon Medchem

(87 publication citations; this is a partial list from 201.-2023)
Zorzan, I., Betto, R. M., Rossignoli, G., Arboit, M., Drusin, A., Corridori, C., ... & Martello, G. (2023). Chemical conversion of human conventional PSCs to TSCs following transient naive gene activation. EMBO reports, e55235.
* 7i: PD0325901, XAV939, Go6983, Y27632, CHIR99021, A83-01, SB431542 from Axon Medchem

Etxaniz Díaz de Durana, J. (2023). A Comparative Study Of Cell Culture Conditions During Conversion From Primed To Naive Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.
* 6i: PD0325901, CHIR99021, Y27632, Go6983, SP600125, BIRB796, from Axon Medchem

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* 6i: CHIR99021, PD0325901, SP600125, BIR796, Y27632, GO6983 from Axon Medchem

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* 7i: PD0325901, XAV939, Go6983, Y27632, CHIR99021, A83-01, SB431542 from Axon Medchem

Viukov, S., Shani, T., Bayerl, J., Sheban, D., Stelzer, Y., Novershtern, N., & Hanna, J. H. (2022). Human primed and naïve PSCs are both competent in differentiating into bona fide trophoblast stem cells. BioRxiv, 2022-05.
* 7i: PD0325901, XAV939, Go6983, Y27632, CHIR99021, A83-01, CGP77675 from Axon Medchem

Berdenis van Berlekom, A., Kübler, R., Hoogeboom, J. W., Vonk, D., Sluijs, J. A., Pasterkamp, R. J., ... & Boks, M. P. (2022). Exposure to the Amino Acids Histidine, Lysine, and Threonine Reduces mTOR Activity and Affects Neurodevelopment in a Human Cerebral Organoid Model. Nutrients14(10), 2175.
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* CHIR99021, PD0325901, Y27632, from Axon Medchem

Peischard, S., Möller, M., Disse, P., Ho, H. T., Verkerk, A. O., Strutz-Seebohm, N., ... & Seebohm, G. (2022). Virus-induced inhibition of cardiac pacemaker channel HCN4 triggers bradycardia in human-induced stem cell system. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences79(8), 440.
* CHIR99021 and Y27632 from Axon Medchem

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* A8301, CHIR99021, Frskolin and Y27632 from Axon Medchem
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* CHIR99021, PD0325901 and Y27632 from Axon Medchem

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* 7i: PD0325901, XAV939, Go6983, Y27632, CHIR99021, CGP77675, PD173074 from Axon Medchem

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* CHIR99021, PD0325901, BIRB796, CGP77675 and Y27632 from Axon Medchem
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* PD0325901 and Y27632 from Axon Medchem

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* Y27632, LDN193189 and SB431652 from Axon Medchem
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*Y27632 and LDN193189 from Axon Medchem

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* Y27632 and 14 other inhibitors from Axon Medchem, including CHIR99021, PD0325901, IWR1, BIRB0796, Go6983, CGP77675, RIN1, LDN193189, A8301, SB590885, BIX02189, RU-SKI43, BIX02194, XAV939 

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*Y27632 and DAPT from Axon Medchem

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Nature communications, 11(1), 1-16.
* Y27632, A83-01, Sb431542 and LDN193189 from Axon Medchem

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* Y27632 and 10 other inhibitors from Axon Medchem

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*Y27632 and other 4 inhibitors, CHIR99021, PD0325901, GO6983 and PD173074 from Axon Medchem
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* Y27632 and 8 other inhibitors from Axon Medchem

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* Y27632 and 6 other inhibitors from Axon Medchem
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*Y27632 and CHIR99021 from Axon Medchem

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*Y27632 and CHIR99021 from Axon Medchem
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* Y-27632, PD0325901, Gö6983, IM-12, SB590885,  WH-4-023 and CHIR99021 from Axon Medchem

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* CHIR99021, PD0325901, GO6983, CGP77675, Y27632, DBZ are all from Axon Medchem
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* Y27632, IM-12, SB590885, WH4-023, CHIR99021, PD0325901 and GO6983 from Axon Medchem.
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* CHIR99021 and Y-27632 from Axon Medchem
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* Y27632 and SB431542 from Axon Medchem
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*CHIR99021, PD0325901, SB202190, BIRB796, Y27632 from Axon Medchem
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