List of publications using NVP-TAE684 (Axon 1416) purchased from Axon Medchem 

(Total 9 publication citations listed; updated on JUNE 2016)
Grygielewicz, P., Dymek, B., Bujak, A., Gunerka, P., Stanczak, A., Lamparska-Przybysz, M., ... & Zdzalik, D. (2016). Epithelial–mesenchymal transition confers resistance to selective FGFR inhibitors in SNU-16 gastric cancer cells. Gastric Cancer, 19(1), 53-62. 
Zhang, I., Zaorsky, N. G., Palmer, J. D., Mehra, R., & Lu, B. (2015). Targeting brain metastases in ALK-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer. The Lancet Oncology, 16(13), e510-e521.
Simionato, F., Frizziero, M., Carbone, C., Tortora, G., & Melisi, D. (2015). Current Strategies to Overcome Resistance to ALK-Inhibitor Agents. Current drug metabolism, 16(7), 585-596. 
Martinengo, C., Poggio, T., Menotti, M., Scalzo, M. S., Mastini, C., Ambrogio, C., ... & Pastorino, F. (2014). ALK-dependent control of hypoxia-inducible factors mediates tumor growth and metastasis. Cancer research, 74(21), 6094-6106. 
Tan, J., Li, Z., Lee, P. L., Guan, P., Aau, M., Lee, S. T., ... & Yu, Q. (2013). PDK1 Signaling Towards PLK1-Myc Activation Confers Oncogenic Transformation and Tumor Initiating Cell Activation and Resistance to mTOR-targeted Therapy. Cancer discovery.
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Kancha, R. K., Bartosch, N., & Duyster, J. (2013). Analysis of Conformational Determinants Underlying HSP90-Kinase Interaction. PloS one, 8(7), e68394.
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Yan, X., Kennedy, C. R., Tilkens, S. B., Wiedemeier, O., Guan, H., Park, J. I., & Chan, A. M. (2011). Cooperative cross-talk between neuroblastoma subtypes confers resistance to anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibition. Genes & cancer, 2(5), 538-549.
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Heuckmann, J. M., Hölzel, M., Sos, M. L., Heynck, S., Balke-Want, H., Koker, M., ... & Thomas, R. K. (2011). ALK mutations conferring differential resistance to structurally diverse ALK inhibitors. Clinical Cancer Research, 17(23), 7394-7401.
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Reiff, T., Huber, L., Kramer, M., Delattre, O., Janoueix-Lerosey, I., & Rohrer, H. (2011). Midkine and Alk signaling in sympathetic neuron proliferation and neuroblastoma predisposition. Development, 138(21), 4699-4708.
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(This is an incomplete list, updated JUNE-2016) 

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