Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are Axon Ligands™ shipped?

All our orders are shipped with standard shipping conditions (e.g. at room temperature), these relative short periods (up to one week) in transit do not significantly affect the quality nor the product life of the material(s) shipped, this does include products which have a storage temperature indication of +4°C or even -20°C on their respective label and documentation.  

What are optimal conditions to store Axon Ligands™ ?

All our products should be, as soon as you receive them, stored at the conditions as indicated on both the label and Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Sealed vial(s) containing the (in most cases) the solid product can be safely stored at the indicated temperature for up to two years. 

How to prepare a (concentrated) stock solution?

Select a suitable solvent based on the parameters of your experiment(s), a common solvent used to initially dissolve these types of material for use in vitro experiments is DMSO. The solubility section on the CoA for each product indicates the solubility in a number of common solvent options, other solvents might be suitable options to generate a concentrated stock solution for the product of your interest, however this might require further testing on your part. It is recommended to dissolve the smaller pack sizes (e.g 1.0, 2.0, 5 and 10 mg) directly in the vial the product was shipped in, this in order to dissolve these small amounts with minimal losses. Prior to opening a vial, most of the solid material can be accumulated at the bottom of the vial by gently shaking/tapping the vial and/or by placing the vial in an ultrasonic bath for a few seconds. Vials containing an oily material or a pre-made stock solution can be centrifuged at low rpms for a few seconds. All a products are accurately packed using a five decimal balance for our pack sizes of 2.0 mg and below and a 4 decimal balance for pack sizes from 5 mg and up. 

Packsize (X)     

Error range     

1.0 – 2.0 mg     

0.02 mg     

5 – 50 mg     

0.1 mg     

100 – 500 mg     

1 mg     

>1000 mg     

up to 5 mg     

Stock solutions in DMSO are prepared by adding a well defined volume of DMSO using a calibrated pipette to an accurately weighed amount of material. In order to reduce the number of freeze-thaw cycles stock solution would have to experience it is recommended to aliquot stock solutions into suitable volumes prior to storage. As a general guideline, these (concentrated) stock solutions can be stored for up to 6 month at -20°C or for up to 2 weeks at +4°C. Compound specific recommendations can be found on their respective Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Concentrated stock solutions can be further diluted into the cell medium, ideally prior to each experiment, by slowly adding the concentrated stock solution in to the cell medium until the desired concentration is reached. Thoroughly mix the obtained working solution by vortexing or repeated pipetting.  

How pure are Axon Ligands™

Axon Ligands™ generally exceed the level of 98% purity, based on HPLC-MS, ¹H-NMR and micoranalytical data. The level of impurities is generally <1%, as detectable by HPLC-MS.

How to calculate stock solution concentrations?

The formula below can help you to calculate the concentration of the stock solution under preparation: 

Mass (g) = Concentration (mol/L) x Volume (L) x Molecular Weight (g/mol)

What should be kept in mind?

  • The molecular weights as listed on the product pages on our website are directly derived from the chemical structure of the respective products. The molecular weight as indicated on the label and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for each product and batch can deviate from the value indicated on our website due to the possible incorporation of solvents, for example water, used during the final stages of the preparation. We recommend to only use the molecular weight values indicated on the label or Certificate of Analysis (COA) to calculate concentrations and dilutions rations. 
  • Working solutions can be sterilized by filtration through a suitable filter. DO NOT, at any point in time, sterilize our products and their respective stock solutions in an autoclave. 
  • For cell-based assays, keep in mind that the final concentration of DMSO should be below <0.3% in order to prevent cell poisoning. A negative control with an identical DMSO concentration should be part of each experiment.
  • For compounds that were found to be relatively unstable you will find additional storage and/or handling information on the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Unstable compounds and their respective stock solutions should be stored under nitrogen. 

Is a hard-copy of your product catalogue available?

We offer our customers a downloadable version of our product catalogue (pdf-format). This version is updated far more frequently than a printed version, so the information in there (price-info, new products, etc.) is never outdated.
Besides, it is more eco-friendly....

You can download your personal copy of the Axon Ligands™ Catalogue here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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