List of publications using MG 149 (Axon 1785) purchased from Axon Medchem

(Total 11 publication citations up to March 2021)

Mason, R., Groves, I. J., Wills, M. R., Sinclair, J. H., & Reeves, M. B. (2020). Human cytomegalovirus major immediate early transcripts arise predominantly from the canonical major immediate early promoter in reactivating progenitor-derived dendritic cells. The Journal of general virology, 101(6), 635.

Simpson, S. R. (2020). Characterization of Two Disparate Modes by Which Viruses Exploit Host-Factors to Promote Their Own Dissemination and Replication (Doctoral dissertation, University of Rochester).

García-González, R., Morejón-García, P., Campillo-Marcos, I., Salzano, M., & Lazo, P. A. (2020). VRK1 Phosphorylates Tip60/KAT5 and Is Required for H4K16 Acetylation in Response to DNA Damage. Cancers, 12(10), 2986.

Dupont, L., Du, L., Poulter, M., Choi, S., McIntosh, M., & Reeves, M. B. (2019). Src family kinase activity drives cytomegalovirus reactivation by recruiting MOZ histone acetyltransferase activity to the viral promoter. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294(35), 12901-12910.

Simpson, S., Fiches, G., Jean, M. J., Dieringer, M., McGuinness, J., John, S. P., ... & Santoso, N. G. (2018). Inhibition of Tip60 Reduces Lytic and Latent Gene Expression of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpes Virus (KSHV) and Proliferation of KSHV-Infected Tumor Cells. Frontiers in microbiology, 9, 788.

Song, X., Liu, W., Yuan, X., Jiang, J., Wang, W., Mullen, M., ... & Yao, X. (2018). Acetylation of ACAP4 regulates CCL18-elicited breast cancer cell migration and invasion. Journal of molecular cell biology, 10(6), 559-572.

Haismaa, H. J., & Dekkera, F. J. (2017). Thea van den Boscha, Niek GJ Leusa, Hannah Wapenaara, Alexander Boichenkob, Jos Hermansb, Rainer Bischoffb. Targeting lysine acetylation in inflammatory lung diseases, 55.

van den Bosch, T., Leus, N. G., Wapenaar, H., Boichenko, A., Hermans, J., Bischoff, R., ... & Dekker, F. J. (2017). A 6-alkylsalicylate histone acetyltransferase inhibitor inhibits histone acetylation and pro-inflammatory gene expression in murine precision-cut lung slices. Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 44, 88-95.

Groves, I. J., Knight, E. L., Ang, Q. Y., Scarpini, C. G., & Coleman, N. (2016). HPV16 oncogene expression levels during early cervical carcinogenesis are determined by the balance of epigenetic chromatin modifications at the integrated virus genome. Oncogene, 35(36), 4773-4786.

Acetylation of Aurora B by TIP60 ensures accurate chromosomal segregation.
Mo, F., Zhuang, X., Liu, X., Yao, P. Y., Qin, B., Su, Z., ... & Tian, C. (2016). Acetylation of Aurora B by TIP60 ensures accurate chromosomal segregation. Nature chemical biology, 12(4), 226.

KAT5 (Tip60) is a potential therapeutic target in malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Cregan, Sian, Lauran McDonagh, Yun Gao, Martin P. Barr, Kenneth J. O'Byrne, Stephen P. Finn, Sinead Cuffe, and Steven G. Gray.
Int. J. Oncology 2016, 48 (3), 1290-1296.
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