List of publications using TH 1834 (Axon 2339) purchased from Axon Medchem

(Total  publication citations listed up to March 2021)

Idrissou, M., Lebert, A., Boisnier, T., Sanchez, A., Houfaf Khoufaf, F. Z., Penault-Llorca, F., ... & Bernard-Gallon, D. (2020). Digging deeper into breast cancer epigenetics: Insights from chemical inhibition of histone acetyltransferase TIP60 in vitro. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology, 24(10), 581-591.

Mucke, H. A. (2021). Patent highlights October–November 2020. Pharmaceutical patent analyst, (0).

Brauns‐Schubert, P., Schubert, F., Wissler, M., Weiss, M., Schlicher, L., Bessler, S., ... & Maurer, U. (2018). CDK9‐mediated phosphorylation controls the interaction of TIP60 with the transcriptional machinery. EMBO reports, 19(2), 244-256.

金田文人. (2020). 酵母の自動解析ソフトウェア開発とラット糖白内障の予防薬探索.
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