The mammalian Rel/NF-κB family of transcription factors, including RelA, c-Rel, RelB, NF-κB1 (p50 and its precursor p105), and NF-κB2 (p52 and its precursor p100), plays a central role in the immune system by regulating several processes ranging from the development and survival of lymphocytes and lymphoid organs to the control of immune responses and malignant transformation. Inducible NF-κB activation depends on phosphorylation-induced proteosomal degradation of the inhibitor of NF-κB proteins (IκBs), which retain inactive NF-κB dimers in the cytosol in unstimulated cells. A wide variety of signals emanating from antigen receptors, pattern-recognition receptors, receptors for the members of TNF and IL-1 cytokine families, and others induce differential activation of NF-κB heterodimers. The majority of the diverse signaling pathways that lead to NF-κB activation converge on the IκB kinase (IKK) complex, which is responsible for IκB phosphorylation and is essential for signal transduction to NF-κB. Additional regulation of NF-κB activity is achieved through various post-translational modifications of the core components of the NF-κB signaling pathways. In addition to cytosolic modifications of IKK and IκB proteins, as well as other pathway-specific mediators, the transcription factors are themselves extensively modified[1][2].

[1] A. Oeckinghaus et al. The NF-kappaB family of transcription factors and its regulation. Cold Spring Harb. Perspect. Biol. 2009, 1, a000034.
[2] S. Vallabhapurapu e al. Regulation and function of NF-kappaB transcription factors in the immune system. Annu. Rev. Immunol. 2009, 27, 693-733.

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