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The signaling pathways controlling cell growth and differentiation are almost invariably altered in cancer. During the course of tumor progression, cancer cells acquire a number of characteristic alterations. These include the capacities to proliferate independently of exogenous growth-promoting or growth-inhibitory signals, to invade surrounding tissues and metastasize to distant sites, to elicit an angiogenic response, and to evade mechanisms that limit cell proliferation, such as apoptosis and replicative senescence. These properties reflect alterations in the cellular signaling pathways that in normal cells control cell proliferation, motility, and survival. These interconnected pathways are being deciphered, but understanding the alterations that lead to cancer and correcting them is a substantial challenge. Among the key pathways are those controlling cell proliferation, which coordinate a response to the cellular environment, with the mTOR kinase as a critical node. Tumour development is influenced by infections and inflammation, and the complex role of the nuclear factor-B transcription factors is being unravelled. Expansion of tumour cells depends on nutrient supply and vascularization, which is orchestrated by the transcription factor known as HIF. And the metastatic spread of primary tumours to other organs is facilitated by many signaling pathways[1],[2].

Cell Signaling and Oncology products Library

For your convenience, you can order a library of all of our Cell Signaling and Oncology research related products. Make your personal library by cherry picking products of your interest from our comprehensive list (>800 products), or order all together not to miss any. The libraries will be shipped as 10 mM solutions (in DMSO, 250 µL of each selected Axon Ligand™) on a 96-well microtiter plate with a clear map of its contents.

Simply download our comprehensive list of epigenetics products below (Microsoft Excel (.xls)), check the products to be included, and return your list to order the library of your preference.

Axon Ligands™ for Epigenetic research   Axon 5051 - Cell signaling and Oncology Library.xls                   


[1] A. Eccleston, R. Dhand. Signalling in cancer. Nature 441, 423, editorial note
[2] G.S. Martin. Cell signaling and cancer. Cancer Cell. 2003 Sep;4(3):167-74.

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Axon ID Name Description From price
2880 ABC294640 Selective and orally available SphK2 (or SK2) inhibitor €125.00
1873 Abiraterone Inhibitor of CYP17A1 €90.00
1874 Abiraterone acetate Prodrug of Abiraterone; Inhibitor of CYP17A1 €90.00
3040 Abivertinib Potent oral, irreversible, third-generation EGFR TKI with selectivity for mutant EGFRs €95.00
3631 ABR-238901 Potent S100A8/A9 blocker €170.00
2141 ABT 199 Potent, orally bioavailable BCL-2-selective inhibitor €70.00
2289 ABT 702 The first, non-nucleoside adenosine kinase (ADK) inhibitor €120.00
1638 ABT 869 PDGFR, c-KIT and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €85.00
3821 ABT-263 Potent, selective and orally bioavailable inhibitor of B-cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2) family proteins Inquire
4141 Acalabrutinib Orally active, irreversible, and highly selective second-generation BTK inhibitor Inquire
2857 Acalisib PI3K inhibitor (p110 δ specific) €120.00
3590 ACT001 PAI-1 inhibitor €210.00
3039 ACY-241 Selective and orally available HDAC6 inhibitor €120.00
2275 AdipoRon Orally active small-molecule AdipoR agonist €80.00
2552 Adjudin Non-hormonal male contraceptive with anti-proliferative activity €125.00
3687 ADU-S100 Cyclic dinucleotide (CDN) agonist (activator) of Stimulator of Interferon Genes (STING) Inquire
1653 AEE 788 EGFR, ErbB2 and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €80.00
1291 AEG 3482 JNK inhibitor €90.00
1414 AG 013736 PDGFR,c-KIT and VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor €50.00
1529 AG 014699 PARP1 inhibitor €60.00
1378 AG 490 JAK2 inhibitor €65.00
2746 AG-120 IDH1 mutant enzyme inhibitor €125.00
2745 AG-221 IDH2 mutant enzyme inhibitor €95.00
3515 AG-270 First-in-class, highly potent, selective, orally bioavailable MAT2A inhibitor €180.00
2122 AGI 5198 Inhibitor of R132 mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) €60.00
2274 AGI 6780 Potent and selective inhibitor of the tumor-associated mutant IDH2 (R140Q) €90.00
2389 AICAR Potent AMPK activator and inducer of differentiation of NSCs €45.00
2031 AIM 100 Specific inhibitor of Ack1 tyrosine kinase (also known as TNK2) €95.00
2269 AK 1 Potent inhibitor of SIRT with good selectivity for SIRT2 over SIRT1 and SIRT3 €90.00
2270 AK 7 Potent, brain-permeable and selective inhibitor of SIRT2 €90.00

Items 61 to 90 of 1560 total

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