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The signaling pathways controlling cell growth and differentiation are almost invariably altered in cancer. During the course of tumor progression, cancer cells acquire a number of characteristic alterations. These include the capacities to proliferate independently of exogenous growth-promoting or growth-inhibitory signals, to invade surrounding tissues and metastasize to distant sites, to elicit an angiogenic response, and to evade mechanisms that limit cell proliferation, such as apoptosis and replicative senescence. These properties reflect alterations in the cellular signaling pathways that in normal cells control cell proliferation, motility, and survival. These interconnected pathways are being deciphered, but understanding the alterations that lead to cancer and correcting them is a substantial challenge. Among the key pathways are those controlling cell proliferation, which coordinate a response to the cellular environment, with the mTOR kinase as a critical node. Tumour development is influenced by infections and inflammation, and the complex role of the nuclear factor-B transcription factors is being unravelled. Expansion of tumour cells depends on nutrient supply and vascularization, which is orchestrated by the transcription factor known as HIF. And the metastatic spread of primary tumours to other organs is facilitated by many signaling pathways[1],[2].

Cell Signaling and Oncology products Library

For your convenience, you can order a library of all of our Cell Signaling and Oncology research related products. Make your personal library by cherry picking products of your interest from our comprehensive list (>800 products), or order all together not to miss any. The libraries will be shipped as 10 mM solutions (in DMSO, 250 µL of each selected Axon Ligand™) on a 96-well microtiter plate with a clear map of its contents.

Simply download our comprehensive list of epigenetics products below (Microsoft Excel (.xls)), check the products to be included, and return your list to order the library of your preference.

Axon Ligands™ for Epigenetic research   Axon 5051 - Cell signaling and Oncology Library.xls                   


[1] A. Eccleston, R. Dhand. Signalling in cancer. Nature 441, 423, editorial note
[2] G.S. Martin. Cell signaling and cancer. Cancer Cell. 2003 Sep;4(3):167-74.

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Axon ID Name Description From price
1663 Perifosine PI3K/Akt inhibitor €85.00
2610 PDK1 inhibitor 2610 Dual PI3K/PDPK1 inhibitor; desmethyl analogue of Axon 1282 €125.00
1718 Palomid 529 mTOR inhibitor €90.00
2525 OSU 03012 ATP-competitive PDK-1 inhibitor reducing PAK/Akt phosphorylation and cell proliferation €95.00
1797 NVP-BKM120 Class I PI3K inhibitor €90.00
2029 NVP-BGT226 Orally active dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor €120.00
1520 NVP-BBD130 Dual PI3K and mTOR kinase inhibitor €125.00
3046 MRT 67307 TBK1 and IKKϵ inhibitor €125.00
3343 ML-9 hydrochloride MLCK, Akt and STIM1 inhibitor €60.00
1684 MK 2206 dihydrochloride Akt inhibitor (allosteric) €80.00
3247 Miltefosine PI3K/Akt inhibitor €50.00
2425 MHY 1485 mTOR activator with an inhibitory effect on autophagy €70.00
3098 ME-401 Potent, selective and orally available PI3K inhibitor (p110 δ specific) €100.00
3850 M2698 p70S6K/Akt dual inhibitor Inquire
1366 LY 294002 PI3K inhibitor €70.00
1472 KU-0063794 mTOR inhibitor €60.00
4147 IPI-549 Orally bioavailable potent and selective PI3Kγ inhibitor Inquire
4133 IPI-145 PI3K p110α/γ isoform specific inhibitor Inquire
2142 INK 128 Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor €110.00
2168 IC 87114 Potent and highly selective inhibitor of the PI3K p110δ €85.00
1929 GSK2334470 Potent and selective PDK1 inhibitor €95.00
3007 GSK 8612 Potent and highly selective TBK1 inhibitor €120.00
1729 GSK 690693 ATP-competitive pan-Akt kinase inhibitor €130.00
1912 GSK 2636771 dihydrochloride PI3K inhibitor (p110 β specific) €105.00
1596 GSK 2126458 Dual PI3K and mTOR inhibitor €50.00
2460 GSK 2110183 hydrochloride Potent, reversible, selective, and orally bioavailable inhibitor of the Akt kinases €105.00
3807 GS-9901 Potent and isoform-selective inhibitor of PI3Kδ Inquire
3584 GDC-0084 Brain-penetrant dual PI3K and mTOR inhibitor €110.00
4037 GDC-0068 Potent, APT-competitive and orally available small molecule pan-Akt inhibitor. Inquire
1782 GDC 0980 Dual PI3K and mTOR inhibitor €80.00

Items 31 to 60 of 91 total

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