All cells in a multicellular organism are constantly exposed to a variety of extracellular signals that they need to interpret and translate into an appropriate response to their environment. These signals can be soluble factors generated locally (for example, synaptic transmission) or distantly (for example, hormones and growth factors), ligands on the surface of other cells, or the extracellular matrix itself. To achieve this, cells maintain a diversity of receptors on their surface that respond specifically to individual stimuli. These receptors fall into families, based primarily on the way in which they generate the intracellular signals that give rise to the particular functional responses. Moreover, the activity of a given receptor can be modulated by other signaling pathways in a variety of ways, generating the flexibility required of such a complex system.  Axon Ligands™ that target receptors are categorized based on the major classification proposed by the IUPAC, incluing G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), enzyme linked receptors,  nuclear receptors, sigma receptors, PAQR receptorscytokine receptors, and a number of unclassified receptors (including integrin, thrombopoietin, and nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-like (NLR) receptors[1].

[1] I.J. Uings, S.N. Farrow. Cell receptors and cell signaling. Mol. Pathol. 2000, 53, 295-299.

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Axon ID Name Description From price
2062 Alprostadil Prostaglandin EP (1-4) receptor antagonist €105.00
2145 AZD 1981 Selective CRTH2 (aka DP2) antagonist €105.00
3073 BAY 1316957 Highly potent, specific, and selective PGE2 receptor hEP4 antagonist €150.00
1950 CDDO A potent multifunctional anti-tumor agent. PPAR-γ agonist €110.00
2788 ER-819762 Highly selective, and orally available PGE2 receptor EP4 antagonist €155.00
2533 Hydroxypioglitazone Active metabolite of Pioglitazone (M-IV), a PPARγ agonist €235.00
1480 MK 0524 sodium salt PGD2 receptor DP1 antagonist €120.00
1913 OC 000459 Selective DP2 (CRTH2) antagonist €90.00
1512 ONO 8711 dicyclohexyl amine salt PGE1 receptor EP1 antagonist €120.00
2024 PF 04418948 Prostaglandin EP2 receptor antagonist €95.00
3255 Pioglitazone hydrochloride PPARγ agonist; antidiabetic drug  Recently added €50.00
2874 Ralinepag Potent, orally active IP receptor (PGI2) agonist €150.00
2443 Rosiglitazone PPARγ agonist; antidiabetic drug and stem cell differentiator €95.00
1605 S 5751 PGD2 receptor DP1 antagonist €115.00
2605 Selexipag Prodrug of MRE 269, a potent IP receptor (PGI2) agonist €90.00

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