c-Met (METor MNNG HOS Transforming gene) is a proto-oncogene that encodes a protein known as hepatocyte growth factor receptor (HGFR; RTK class X, HGF receptor family). It was originally identified as an oncogene activated in vitro after treatment of a human osteogenic sarcoma (HOS) cell line[1]. Currently, c-Met receives great interest for its role of aberrant signaling in tumorigenesis, particularly in the development of the invasive and metastatic phenotypes (see also Axon 2240). Signaling via the Met–HGF/SF pathway has been shown to lead to a wide range of biological activities including proliferation (mitosis), scattering (motility), and branching morphogenesis, embryological development, wound healing, tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, growth, invasion, and morphogenic differentiation[2].

[1] Molecular cloning of a new transforming gene from a chemically transformed human cell line. C.S. Cooper, M. Park, D.G. Blair et al. Nature 1984, 311, 29–33.
[2] M. Jeffers, L. Schmidt, N. Nakaigawa, et al. Activating mutations for the met tyrosine kinase receptor in human cancer. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1997, 94, 11445–11450.


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1916 AMG 208 Inhibitor of c-MET receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) €95.00
1838 ARQ 197 c-MET tyrosine kinase Inhibitor €90.00
3423 Capmatinib Highly potent, selective, ATP competitive and orally bioavailable c-MET inhibitor €80.00
1582 Foretinib c-MET and VEGFR2 tyrosine kinase inhibitor €90.00
2553 LY 2801653 Orally bioavailable multi-kinase inhibitor with potent activity against c-MET €120.00
1660 PF 02341066 c-MET Inhibitor; NPM-ALK inhibitor €80.00
1583 PF 04217903 mesylate c-MET tyrosine kinase Inhibitor €80.00
1914 SGX 523 ATP-competitive inhibitor of c-MET €120.00
1581 SU 11274 ATP-competitive inhibitor of c-MET €90.00

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