Acetylated Lysine

BRPFs (bromodomain and PHD finger-containing proteins) are multidomain  proteins of the Trithorax group (TrxG): regulatory proteins composed of diverse, evolutionary conserved units that form chromatin-associated complexes accounting for epigenetic transcriptional memory. Three BRPFs are known to date, sharing >65% homology in their ~100 amino acid counting sequences, all sharing an acetylated lysine (KAc) recognition site that closely resembles other bromodomains, including those of the BETs[1]. BRPF1 (also known as Br140 and Peregrin) is a component of complexes containing the MOZ/MORF transcriptional coactivators, that links the catalytic HATs to the other subunits ING5 and hEAF6. Furthermore, BRPF1 contains PHD fingers, a bromodomain and a PWWP domain[2]. It has been shown that BRPF1 has a central role during development, since mutations have shown to display anterior transformations of pharyngeal arches due to progressive loss of anterior Hox gene expression. What’s more, translocations of MOZ are associated with aggressive subtypes of leukemia, and make BRPF1 an interesting target in oncology related research[3].

[1] E.H. Demont et al. 1,3-Dimethyl Benzimidazolones Are Potent, Selective Inhibitors of the BRPF1 Bromodomain. ACS Med Chem Lett. 2014 Sep 10;5(11):1190-5.
[2] K. Laue et al. The multidomain protein Brpf1 binds histones and is required for Hox gene expression and segmental identity. Development. 2008 Jun;135(11):1935-46.
[3] L. You et al. The chromatin regulator brpf1 regulates embryo development and cell proliferation. J Biol Chem. 2015 May 1;290(18):11349-64.

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3623 SGC-SMARCA-BRDVIII Potent, highly selective and cell-active SMARCA2/4 and PB1(5) bromodomain inhibitor €90.00
2245 RVX 208 BET bromodomain inhibitor specific for second bromodomains (BD2s) €65.00
1887 PFI-1 BET bromodomain (BRD) inhibitor €75.00
2530 OTX 015 Potent inhibitor of BRD2, BRD3, and BRD4 with clear anti-proliferative activity €110.00
2442 OF-1 Potent bromodomain inhibitor (BRPF1 and BRPF2 selective) €80.00
3329 ODM-207 Highly potent, selective and orally active pan-BET inhibitor €140.00
3186 NVS-BPTF-1 Potent, selective and cell active chemical probe for BPTF €180.00
4134 I-BET762 BET bromodomain inhibitor Inquire
3860 I-BET726 Potent and selective, tetrahydroquinoline-based small molecule ligand binding to BET proteins Inquire
4135 I-BET151 BET bromodomain inhibitor Inquire
3921 GSK046 Domain-selective and orally active inhibitor of BET with immunomodulatory activity Inquire
2410 GSK 5959 Potent, cell permeable inhibitor of BRPF1 bromodomain €135.00
3769 FHD-286 Selective inhibitor of the BAF chromatin remodeling complex ATPases (BRG1/BRM) Inquire
3922 dBET1 BET bromodomain degrader Inquire
2594 CPI 0610 Selective and metabolically stable inhibitor of BET bromodomains Inquire
3764 CFT-8634 Selective orally bioavailable BRD9 degrader Inquire
2776 CD161 Potent, selective, and orally active BET bromodomain inhibitor €135.00
3933 CCS-1477 Potent, selective and orally bioavailable inhibitor of the Bromodomain of p300 and CBP Inquire
3716 BMS-986158 BET bromodomain (BRD) inhibitor Inquire
3037 BI-894999 Potent, selective and orally active BET inhibitor €165.00
3833 AZD5153 HNT salt Potent, selective, and orally available BET/BRD4 bromodomain inhibitor Inquire
3944 ARV-825 Potent and selective protein BRD4 degrader Inquire
3956 ABBV-744 First-in-class highly BDII (Bromodomain II)-selective BET bromodomain inhibitor Inquire
3696 ABBV-075 Highly potent and orally bioavailable BET bromodomain (BRD) inhibitor €110.00
3873 (-)-JQ-1 Inactive enantiomer of (+)-JQ1 €120.00
3822 (+)-JQ1 carboxylic acid (+)-JQ1 derivative; PROTAC precursor €110.00
1989 (+)-JQ1

Potent and selective BET bromodomain inhibitor


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