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Axon Medchem collaborates with numerous companies and research institutes world-wide to participate in and facilitate the development of new drugs for a wide range of illnesses. As a result of our persistency to provide researchers with the best quality of products, Axon Medchem is exclusive supplier of research compounds developed in collaboration with the University of Groningen (RuG), the Netherlands. Additionally, Axon Medchem offers a number of derivatisation reagents developed at the VU University of Amsterdam specifically applicable for the detection of metabolites containing specific functional groups (aldehyde and/or carboxylic acid moiety).

University of Groningen

 VU Amsterdam

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Axon ID Name Description From price
2257 Dansyl-PEG-phenylboronic acid Dansylamide functionalized PEG-phenylboronic acid; Protein labeling reagent €120.00
2256 Biotinyl-phenylboronic acid Biotinylated arylboronic acid for bio-orthogonal chemistry €95.00
1877 4-APEBA Derivatisation reagent for aldehydes and carboxylic acids €135.00
1876 4-APC Derivatisation reagent for aldehydes €125.00

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