A transferase is an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a functional group from one molecule to another. As such, protein kinases are a significant member of this family of enzymes, being capable of transferring phosphorus-containing groups (phosphate) from a donor (usually adenosine triphosphate (ATP)) to specific amino acid residues with a free hydroxyl group of an acceptor in a covalent way[1]. As within the class of oxidoreductases, the class of transferases is divided into  subclasses, based on the functional groups the enzymes transfer and the substrate specificity.

[1] The Cell: A Molecular Approach. 2nd edition. Cooper GM. Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates; 2000.

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2880 ABC294640 Selective and orally available SphK2 (or SK2) inhibitor €125.00
2235 K 145 hydrochloride Selective, substrate competitive SphK2 inhibitor €105.00
2484 K6PC-5 SphK1 (or SK1) activator that increases sphingosine-1-phosphate production €105.00
2350 PF 543 citrate Cell-permeant reversible inhibitor of SphK1 €99.00
2782 SKI II Orally bioavailable SphK inhibitor €85.00

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