Kinases (Tyrosine Specific Protein)

Tyrosine specific kinases form a large family of enzymes that are responsible for catalyzing the transfer of ATP to specific tyrosine residues in target proteins. In turn, the phosphorylation of tyrosine residues causes a change in the function of the protein that they are contained in. They function in a variety of processes, signal transduction pathways, and actions, and may be responsible for key events in the body[1]. Axon Ligands™ that interact with tyrosine specific enzymes that are part of the JAK/STAT signaling pathway have been categorized independently. The remainder of Axon Ligands™ that lack interactions with tyrosine kinases of this particular signaling pathway are listed here, grouped on the basis of their selectivity.

[1] Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling: a view from quantitative proteomics. J. Dengjel,I. Kratchmarova, B. Blagoev. Mol. Biosyst. 2009, 5, 1112-1121.

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Axon ID Name Description From price
2226 AVL 292 Potent, selective, covalent BTK inhibitor €110.00
2775 Cerdulatinib Orally active dual Syk/JAK inhibitor €85.00
2018 CGI 1746 Inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) €50.00
2862 LFM-A13 Inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) €90.00
3466 MT-802 Potent and rapid degrader of BTK; PROTAC €280.00
1936 P 505-15 Inhibitor of spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk) €90.00
1858 PCI 32765 Inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) €60.00
1674 R406 Spleen tyrosine kinase Inhibitor €80.00

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