Axon Ligand™ Sets

Axon Ligands™ Sets

Axon Ligands™ are a unique collection of biological molecules, as world-wide recognized research tools and drug standards in different application fields such as neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, pain and inflammation, and cancer. Featured ligands with our expertise including CNS reagents, ion channel modulators, signal transduction regulators (such as kinase inhibitors) and much more. Besides the wide range of single products, Axon Medchem also offers specific sets of Axon Ligands™ that can be applied for specific research areas. Special attention is offered to the class of Axon Ligands™ that finds its application (among other applications in most cases) in stem cell research projects. The medical use of stem cells, cells with the ability to perpetuate themselves through self-renewal and to differentiate into a particular cell type through differentiation, is receiving extensive interest as they might regenerate damaged tissue under the right conditions[1]. This unique capacity could serve patients suffering from organ malfunction, cell deficiency, and/or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by replacing affected/deficient cells with healthy new cells[2]. We have selected several combinations of Axon Ligands™ that have been used frequently as a combined set for epigenetic research. These sets include, for example inhibitors of GSK3, FGFR, MEK, SRC, etc.
Compound libraries of Axon Ligands™ can generally be offered with bulk discount . All Axon Ligands™ in the libraries are individually identified and analyzed to meet the strong requirements to pass our QC for drug standards.

[1] Stem cells, cancer, and cancer stem cells. Tannishtha Reya, Sean J. Morrison, Michael F. Clarke, Irving L. Weissman. Nature, Vol 414, 2001, 105.
[2] Embryonic stem cells in drug discovery. J. McNeish. Nature Rev. Drug Disc. 2004, 3, 70.

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5004 Stem Cell LSB inhibitor Set Set of BMP inhibitor LDN 193189 (Axon 1509) and TGF-β inhibitor SB 431542 (Axon 1661) €90.00
5005 Stem Cell LSC inhibitor Set Set of LDN 193189 HCl, SB 431542 and CHIR99021, inhibitors of BMP, TGF-β, and GSK-3 resp. €130.00

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