Myricetin - Cannabiscetin | Myricetol

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Axon 3559

CAS [529-44-2]

MF C15H10O8
MW 318.24

  • Purity: 100%
  • Soluble in 0.1N NaOH(aq), DMSO and water



The natural flavonoid compound Myricetin is an RNase L inhibitor with IC50 values of 264 and 173 μM for H-RNase L and P-RNase L, respectively. Moreover, regulates the expression of Hippo, MAPK, GSK-3β, PI3K/AKT/mTOR, STAT3, TLR, IκB/NF-κB, Nrf2/HO-1, ACE, eNOS / NO, AChE and BrdU/NeuN. Myricetin also enhances the immunomodulatory functions, suppresses cytokine storms, improves cardiac dysfunction, possesses an antiviral potential, can be used as an adjuvant treatment against cancer, cardiovascular injury and nervous system diseases, and it may be a potential drug against COVID-19 and other viral infections.

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