Address Book Management

When you have generated a new account, initially, your Address Book is empty by default.

1.   To add an address, you can either click on Edit Address under the header Default Billing Address, or Default Shipping Address or click on Manage Addresses. Either way you will be redirected to the same page: Add New Address. Here you can fill in your default contact information. It is recommended to first Enter your Street Address that will apply as Shipping Address. In case you need to add alternative/additional Shipping Addresses, you can do that only in a later stage. When you save your information, by default, both your Shipping and Billing Addresses are updated simultaneously and both will appear in your Address Book with the data just entered.

2.   Now, if you would like to specify a different Billing Address, FIRST, you need to add a new address by selecting the orange ADD NEW ADRESS-button at the top-right in your address book.





A new page will open: Add New Adrress, with at the bottom two tick-boxes to specify how this additional address should be saved (e.g.: Use as my default billing address).








Upon completion of filling in the new address data, you can save the data by selecting the SAVE ADDRESS button at the bottom right of this page. This re-directs you automatically back to your Address Book where now specific addresses will show.

3.   Now, if you want to edit for example your Default Shipping Address or Default Billing Address, you can use the link highlighted in blue: Change Billing Address or Change Shipping Address just below the corresponding address field. This will only effect changes in the address field selected.




4.   An account can host a multitude of addresses for Shipping and Billing to be entered one-by-one by selecting the orange ADD NEW ADRESS-button at the top-right in your address book. Either one of these specified addresses may then be selected easily in the check-out process while ordering one or more of our products.



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